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Abstract media is a visual marketing company. We utilize visual tools to help your business advertise and sell your products and services. We don’t just offer marketing or advertising. We are a marketing and advertising sandwich … marketizing!
We offer video production, 3D animation, website design and development, augmented reality and social media to help you promote your business. We are always keeping up with the latest trends and love using and experimenting with new media concepts.

How about an example?

Let’s say you are in the oil and gas industry and need an awesome 3D model of a pipeline, oil rig or valve. With a cinematic approach, our 3D animation team will model and render to your specifications while maximizing its use across sales and marketing.

Our team will develop strategies to push your content, such as a 3D animation or video, across various platforms to improve the return on your investment. Your 3D animation can be used on YouTube, your website and for sales presentations. We can also create still renders to improve your print advertising and imagery.


Spot Light

Here we have our

latest creation

for you to enjoy.

Product Animation
We created this animation to showcase the repair process and benefits for a gas turbine repair facility.

FAQsGot a project and don’t know where to begin? Maybe this will help.

Why Abstract Media?
Abstract Media is a team of passionately focused, creative and professional people full of unique ideas. If you are looking for a new insanely effective campaign, then we are the fit for you. We are more than just a visual production team because we understand marketing strategy and how to get you the most value & brand exposure. We focus on growing your sales efforts while increasing your marketing return.
What makes Abstract, abstract?
Our slogan is “Creating Unique” because regardless of budget, we don’t want to be ordinary. We pride ourselves in making every project and campaign effectively different.
How will you make me stand out?
In the sea of ad clutter there is only one way to stand out … be different! This could mean making the quality far better than the competition. It could also mean a unique idea that gets people engaging and sharing the brand’s message. Regardless of the answer, we create the idea with you to make sure it isn’t just a home run, but a grand slam.
How do you bridge the gap between sales and marketing?
Every company has a sales department but not every company actually does marketing. By utilizing visual marketing assets you can improve your sales presentations while pushing your online, print and event marketing efforts. Why spend money to only support one department, when you can leverage the investment for both?
Video Production and 3D Animation are really expensive, right?
Well, video and animations can be really expensive but it all depends on the scope of work. Video and animation can be extremely affordable, even when using professional equipment (not your smart phone). Also, it is only a one-time investment, so if you spread the amount over the life of the video or animation, it doesn’t cost much.
Why visual marketing before rented ad space?
This is usually the case of “owned” assets vs. renting monthly spots for brand recognition. Sure it is great to get immediate brand exposure but once you stop paying it disappears. Consider creating content that you own and can be delivered through sales presentations, at events and can organically grow your online presence.

A true artist

is not one who is inspired,

but one who inspires others.

Salvador Dali


Some companies talk a big game.

We let our work

speak for itself.

Web Promo

We created this animation/kinetic typogr...

Be brave enough to live life creatively.

the creative place where no one else has ever been.

Alan Alda

The Big Cheeses

cheese is better with age

but age is no measure of talent.

with our powers combined

We lead a team of

highly skilled professionals.

Brian Bogus


Brian’s core strengths focus around new and forward-thinking media strategies in addition to the creative concept behind every deliverable. He also oversees every projects successful creation and implementation.

Andrew Baker

Vice President

Andrew has spent the majority of his life researching and perfecting the art of cinema.  By coupling his knowledge of creative video with corporate sales tools and animations, Abstract Media is able to provide advanced visual marketing assets.

Brett Cykala

Director of Computer Graphics

Brett is an accomplished computer graphics artist who has a passion for marketing and is driven to re-invigorate the status quo by creating innovative and ubiquitous sales tools that will help accelerate your brand or products.

Micah Kramer

Director of Business Development

Micah’s experience includes over 12 years of brand and sports marketing at FORTUNE 500 companies. His strengths are in business development and building win win partnerships.

Brian’s Skills

  • Directing


  • Relationship Building




  • creative visioneering


  • Professional curling


Andrew’s Skills

  • Director of Photography


  • creative ideas


  • Tech Geek


  • Visual Effects


  • karaoke master


Brett’s Skills

  • 3D Modeling


  • Fluid Simulation


  • Bear Wrestler


  • Animation


  • Energy Drink Aficionado


Micah’s Skills

  • Robin Williams Stunt Double


  • Linkedin Expert


  • business developer


  • Cold Call Extraordinaire


  • coffee guzzler


The Stats


megabytes of video recorded


cups of coffee per day


interns trained


brilliant minds


jaw dropping presentations delivered


polygons created on our last project


days per week spent creating awesomeness


models created, and we don't mean victoria's secret

Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’

creative with strategy is called ‘advertising.’

Jef I. Richards

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